How to find hotels with EV charging

Choosing a hotel with on-site EV charging can greatly simplify your road trips and exploration.  This way, you can charge overnight, and start your day with full charge.  And not worry about driving around to find charging stations.

So how do you find a hotel?

Best Practices

Before you book a hotel, please call them ahead to confirm that the chargers are working.  I have heard stories of how the chargers appear to be working online, and when you get there, the charger is NOT functional.
Avoid the aggravation and call head.

Lot of the hotel search sites now allow you to search for hotels that offer EV charging.  How ever, most don’t specify what kind of chargers the hotels might have.  To verify that

  • either call the hotel
  • or use Plugshare app to verify the charger type

Search Sites

PlugShare allows looking for hotels very easy.

  • Search for your location
  • Click on the filters, and select Lodging

Pretty easy to use website that lists hotels with charging.
You can even filter by charging type, which is pretty good!

Very easy to find hotels.

  • Search for your hotel
  • On the left hand side, expand Amenities and select EV Charging Station

This classic review site has an option to filter by EV charging.  Here is how you use it.

  • Search for hotels at your destination
  • Expand ‘Amenities‘ filter on the left hand side
  • And choose ‘EV charging‘ option, click Apply.

Expedia’s main search doesn’t allow to filter by EV charging.
Use this special link instead.

Unfortunately there isn’t seem to be an (obvious) way to search / filter listing by EV Charging amenity.

I recommend, opening a support ticket so they know there is demand for this.

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