1200 miles West Coast Electric Car Miles

1200 miles
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A roundtrip from Sacramento to Portland in Tesla Model S 2013. It is a long-distance drive and made possible by Tesla’s network of superchargers along Interstate 5. It would save about $400 on airfare. The trip reports the headwind was almost all the way and the total energy consumed was 200kWh for about 600 miles. Model S is solid and steady with no or little impact felt, as most of the trees were bent over in the gusts.

But the Model S remains a superb “road car,” stable in both winds and rain. One amazing discovery during our trip was how unnecessary the rear-window wiper on the Model S actually is. The aerodynamics of air cause air to flow over the car at speed enough to completely sweep water off that back window.

We had heavy rains AND winds all the way from Portland back to Sacramento, but the view out the Tesla’s back window was better than in our Nissan Leaf–which has a rear window wiper!

Over our trip of a bit more than 1,200 miles in four days, we didn’t spend a dime on electricity. And for that: Thanks, Tesla!


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