2,600 mile road trip report: 2019 Audi e-tron

2600 miles
Trip Date:
Starting Place:
San Diego, California
Spicewood, Tx

A road trip between Southern California and Central Texas using the I-8 and I-10 corridor in Audi e-tron. The trip report provides stats about the total drive time, battery consumption, charge stops, total amount spent for the charge. At the end of the trip, they compare notes with Tesla Model Y.

Trip highlights @reddit

  • 2,600 miles traveled (1,300 each way)

  • 48 hours total drive time, including charges. 24 hours each way, split it into three legs each way, stopping in hotels in Tuscon and Van Horn. This made for right at 8 hours of driving per day.

  • 24 charge stops 12 each way. All at Electrify America stations.

  • $194 spent on 940 kWh of charging, that is an average of $0.21/kWh or $0.07/mile.

  • Consumption rates at highway speeds

    • 85mph on west Texas highways with a 90-degree crosswind: ~2.1-2.2 mi/kWh

    • 75mph on Arizona highways with a brutal 10-20mph headwind: ~1.9-2.0 mi/kWh

Conclusion @skaven 

All said and done, I do have to say that I wish the e-tron had better range. Considering that at 85mph highway speeds without a headwind, I was consuming around 2.1 mi/kWh — that’s really not that many miles of range when it comes down to it. On a road trip, it’s most efficient to float between 15% and 80% SoC, which is only 65% of the total battery capacity (54 kWh) and thus only about 115 miles of “usable” highway range with consistently fast 150kW charging

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