Bolt Backpack Redux 225 Mile Mountain Trip 25 Percent Charge Remaining

225 miles
Trip Date:
Starting Place:
Black Rock Trailhead

A trip in Bolt to Black Rock, CA for hiking. The groups were all driving their own vehicles because of Covid-19. Everyone used 4×4 SUVs. It was a drive-through graded forest road. The road was dusty and rutted in places.  At the destination, the other groups in SUV looked a bit surprised at how easy the Bolt made the trip appear

From Paul Gipe

And, unlike the earlier adventure, this trip required us to leave the paved road. The Jackass Peak trailhead was some nine miles from the Blackrock Fire Station and a good three miles of that was down a Forest Service dirt road.Ok, this wasn’t a four-wheel drive only access road or OHV route. It was a graded Forest Service road.

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