Camping Trip with Model 3

1450 miles
Trip Date:
Starting Place:
New Jersey
Acadia National Park

A 4 days, 1450 miles, camping trip to the top of Mt Washington in Tesla Model 3.

Reddit user  u/DeuceSevin writes:

My travels took me to the top of Mt Washington.

Day 1: NJ to NY near St Lawrence River – Robert Moses State Park
Day 2: NY to VT via Lake Champlain Ferry, then to NH, Mt Washington, then Bethel Maine area. Camped at private campground.
Day 3: Bethel Maine to Bass River Maine. Camped on Dessert Island, which is where Acadia National Park is located. Camped in private campground (Lobster roll, shrimp basket for dinner, blueberry pie for dessert – 10/10 would eat again)
Day 4: Bass River ME to NJ via NH, MA, CT,

People love Teslas, especially kids. First night we had just arrived and were setting up camp just before dark. A couple of kids, 7-12ish age range, rode past on their bikes. One of them yelled “It’s a Tesla!” And they stopped and peppered us with questions. Every time the passed after that I heard them say “There’s the Tesla”.

Has tips about charging at RV campsites (When using TT-30P outlet, don’t forget to set max charging to 24A so not to trip the breaker)

Campgrounds used:

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