My 2019 New Audi E-Tron Road Trip Review

165 miles
Trip Date:
Starting Place:

A trip from Houston to Austin, Texas in Audi E-Tron. The trip reports the problems of finding good and quick charging stations above 50kW. Waiting for more than 30 mins for charging is another problem to deal with. The range of just around 200miles is about 100miles short of where they need to be as an effortlessly functional road trip vehicle

Expected to have 44miles of excess at destination. -Drove an average of 70-85mph which cut about 15-16miles of range from calculation… I’d expect that cut until it recognizes your average usage in short and long term memory. (After the trip I’m about 2.0mi/kWh which was accurate when my daily charge shows about 196 now. -Upon arrival in Austin I realized that Austin,TX does not have good quick charge stations at anything above 50kW, except for Round Rock (ok, too location specific).. -At about 60miles battery arc turns yellow with battery image yellow, saying reduced range

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