Road Trip Report – Houston to Rocky Mountain National Park

2600 miles
Trip Date:
Starting Place:
Rocky Mountains National Park

A Road trip to the Rocky Mountains in 2019 LR AWD M3. The post provides a day to day report about the miles, charge and chargers along the trip

From lez_do_this

Recently went on a week-long road trip with my Fiance from Houston to Rocky Mountain National Park in our 2019 LR AWD M3, and thought I’d report back with my observations and experience.The car is awesome. Only had range anxiety once (Between Amarillo and Trinidad). Used ABRP to plan the next day’s drive, but only to get a general feel for things – the in car routing served it’s purpose for the drive. Also used Plugshare to know where we were headed and what to expect. Autopilot makes life a lot easier.

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