Taking a BEV i3s 650 miles from UK to Munich

650 miles
Trip Date:
Starting Place:
London, UK
Munich, Germany

A successful trip in BEV i3s from the UK, through Belgium to Munich, Germany. The author notes that the infrastructure in Belgium and Germany is many years ahead of the UK, reliving concerns about speed and economy. Belgium has individual triple-headed chargers roughly very 50km run by Allego. Germany also maintains reliable clustered hubs with 4+ machines. It also has lots of 22kw AC sockets    As they’re clustered in hubs you really can rely on them

This trip was only possible as the i3 charges like an absolute beast. The only time I’ve seen reduced speeds is with a cold battery. On the long run I always got 46kw+ as long as the charger could provide it. This is despite 28C outside temperatures, being the 5th+ rapid charge of the day or even the most extreme case on this trip after a sustained top speed run, coasting off the motorway with reduced power into the services, and plugging in to immediately get 46kw. It always delivers.

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