Washington DC to NYC in Tesla M3

228 miles
Trip Date:
Starting Place:
Washington DC

A trip from DC to NYC in Model 3 2020 SR+. The report elucidates the range anxiety of the long-distance trip. And from this experience, the author is of the opinion: If you have to choose between the SR+ and the Long Range, and you know you go on trips, do not get the SR+. Get the Long Range and your life will be much better.

Reddit user u/theethiopiankook  writes:

My M3 has a max capacity of 247 miles (248 when delivered 2 months ago, before the M3 update to bump the range of SR+ to 263).If you go 75 mph in a 65 (as many do on long stretches) you get 20-40 miles less than quoted. This is a huge hidden thing I never knew. So topped off you really only have 210 functional miles of driving


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